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6 In 1 Multifunctional Opener™️

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A Must-Have For Your Kitchen!

With the multifunctional 6-in-1 opener OPENSMART™ you can easily open different types of bottles, jars and containers :


1️⃣ A clip for opening security seals (eg for a new ketchup bottle)
2️⃣ A pull hook to open the pull ring of the can
3️⃣  A handle that grips the solid lid and can easily unscrew it
4️⃣ An opener for beer bottles
5️⃣ An opener for plastic bottles;
6️⃣ A hidden blade to open pockets.


Open Absolutely Everything Easily With This New System!

✅ EASY TO USE - open bottles, jars, and seals easily! even with weak hands due to arthritis/stroke/injury or just from really tight packaging, this will get the job done!


✅ FREEDOM & INDEPENDANCE - no need to rely on others or ask for assistance just to open a jar or bottle! you can do it yourself!


✅ LESS PAIN- no more hurting your fingers or breaking a fingernail just to open a can of soda or a medicine bottle! easy grip and ergonomic!


✅ DISHWASHER SAFE -  makes clean up fast and easy!


✅ PORTABLE - not just for the kitchen or home bar! bring it on camping trips, road trips or picnics! or keep one in your car! or office pantry!


✅ ALL-IN-1 - save space! no need to bring 6 different tools with 6 different functions! this opener does it all! 

Enjoy Your Favorite Drinks & Snacks Without The Hassle Of Tight Jars, Caps & Seals!

Take full advantage of all your tight jars, decapping bottles and other containers without the hassle of difficult lids, caps and other tight closures!

It gives you solid grip and leverage to easily open tight jars, pop off bottle caps, and twist off screw caps - with minimal effort!

OPENSMART™ is recommendend, even with weak hand strength due to Arthritis / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Nerve Damage / Inflammation / Stroke and other injuries!

Get One For Yourself And One For A Loved One ♥️


🔥Not sold in stores - online exclusive! 


⚡️Limited stock available - get yours today!



Shipping & Delivery: Processing Times Range From 1-2 Business Days. Delivery Time Ranges From 7-8 Days For Orders In India.

NOTE: We Are Taking All Precautionary Measures To Fight The COVID-19 Battle. We Advise & Request All Our Customers To Pay Online For A No-Contact Delivery. Therefore, We Are Offering A Discount For Online Payments. #WeAreInThisTogether #IndiasFightAgainstCorona

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